The Lungisa Foundation was formed when two South African paramedics decided that some of the problems facing the Emergency Medical Services in Africa could be rectified with a bit of careful thought and a lot of hard work. We enlisted the help of an expert in systems and quality and registered as a Non Profit Company (NPC) in South Africa.



Cultivating a patient-centred EMS in Africa that is cost-effective and equitable.




To develop, implement and evaluate relevant and sustainable solutions to the problems facing EMS in Africa.



Core Values:

The Emergency Medical Services worldwide are represented by the Star of Life. The the six points of our Star of Life represent our core values which are:

1.       Ethical Conduct

2.       Mutual Respect

3.       Integrity

4.       Professionalism

5.       Evidence Based Practice

6.       Customer Impact



Celebrating the printing of our Batho Pele for Ambulance Workers booklets